COVID-19 Case Management: Care at Tier 3 institutions

The track on COVID-19 Case Management: Care at Tier 3 institutions includes 6 training sessions undertaken by experts from Hanoi Medical University Hospital from March 17-27, 2022.

List of trainers:

  • Dr. Vũ Đình Hùng
  • Dr. Nguyễn Anh Dũng
  • Mr. Trần Xuân Ngọc
  • Dr. Bùi Vũ Bình
  • Dr. Vũ Hoàng Phương
  • Dr. Đỗ Kim Thu
  • Dr. Nguyễn Tất Thành
  • Dr. Trần Huyền Trang
  • Assoc. Prof. Hoàng Bùi Hải
  • Dr. Đoàn Tiến Lưu

Please see the video list of the lessons in the Related Video and Resources section below to take part in this online course.

Related Video

Session 1 - Lesson 1: Respiratory Support & Airway Control for Covid-19 Patients

Session 1 - Lesson 2: Overview of intrusive artificial ventilation

Session 2 - Lesson 1: Monitoring and care of Covid patients using mechanical ventilation

Session 2 - Lesson 2: Complications and prevention of pneumonia related to mechanical ventilation

Session 3 - Lesson 1: Pain relief for Covid patients in the ICU

Session 3 - Lesson 2: Prepare your doctor for a ureter

Session 4 - Lesson 1: ECMO artificial cardiopulmonary heart of Covid-19 patients

Session 4 - Lesson 2: Indicates continuous dialysis in the treatment of Covid-19

Session 5 - Lesson 1: Optimization of the role of arterial blood gases in COVID-19 monitoring and treatment

Session 5 - Lesson 2: Anticoagulant therapy in Covid patients

Session 6: Computed tomography image of lung damage of Covid patient